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Friday, January 15, 2010

MTV's Jersey Shore and The SituationLast August, I I posted about producer Jake Avnet (C'05, Co-Chairman of Undergraduate Film Advisory Board, Founder of the Lecture Series) and his hot viral video take-offs about (1) Trojan Condoms and (2) the film American Psycho.  Since then, Jake has produced a very funny, very NSFW viral video with Scott Baio.

And now Jake has launched a new viral hit poking fun of that great TV masterpiece "The Jersey Shore" using the actual cast from the show!  Nice get!

I asked Jake how they got the cast and he told me,
"We met them at a party when they were out in LA on their initial press tour. They were only supposed to be in town for the weekend, but they kept extending their stays because they were getting booked on so many talk shows. We pitched the idea to them, they loved it, so we shot it one afternoon in their hotel room. It was their first time really acting, but we had a lot of fun with them, gave them the chance to improv a bit, and "The Real Situation" was the final result."
Check out "The Real Situation" above and watch out for DJ Lubel (C'05) as the waiter!

Incidentally, this short will actually airing on MTV tomorrow (Saturday) on a show called "Jersey Shore Spoof'd"


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick Film Budget

Adam Lebovitz (W'03, Hillel, Smokes Quizzo) and his brother launched a new website which is a revolutionary breakthrough for filmmakers in film budgeting technology.

How and why did Adam come up with this?

Per Adam,
"We thought of this idea during the worst part of the recession where my brother and I looked at each other and asked, 'There must be something out there that we can make faster and better?'  I remembered how tough it was to learn the film budgeting software Entertainment Partners Budgeting and afterwards filmmakers would hire me to create budgets.  Professional budget makers often charge at least $1,000.00 per budget and take a month to deliver.  So my brother and I set out to create a budgeting website that asks several specific questions, like 'What is your desired total budget?  What genre is your film? Are there child actors in your film?' and automatically creates a professional film budget customized to your script/project."
It was a combination of Adam's experience producing films (Tortured starring Laurence Fishburne released by Sony, Unrest released by Lions Gate) and his understanding of mathematics and computers that allowed him to create the website.

Incidentally, you may recall the post I did last year about Adam optioning Craig Boreth's (C'91, First male drummer in Bloomers pit band) book, "How To Feel Manly In A Minivan". Since then he has set it up at Red Wagon and is looking for a TV writer to develop it.

Visit Adam's site Quick Film Budget


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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alex Weber and UPenn and Hollywood actor adviceBack in October, we started our "An Actor's Path" vlog series with Penn alum Alex Weber (C'09, Lacrosse).

Just a few months in LA, Alex is definitely being very proactive with his career.  Last month he got his new headshots and this month he signed with a print agency and got his new comp cards (see image to right).  Plus he won an athletic contest to meet a Hollywood casting director.

Per Alex, this month,
"After finishing the play and coming back from the holidays, I'm looking to pursue as many opportunities as I can in pilot season. Always trying to gain exposure and fortunate to have been selected from a casting call to work with a production company that combines sports in films (see pic below). Also enrolling at additional acting studios to receive different techniques and training."
Listen to more of what he has to say in his vlog above!

Alex Weber and Hollywood actor and UPenn

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  • Actor Reels HERE


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A few weeks ago I posted my own video tour through Penn.  Now I've got a Penn tour that's a little more high tech.

Check out this very cool virtual tour through Penn's campus! (starts at minute 0:58).  This company has got Penn down to every detail!


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Monday, January 11, 2010

Back in August, we started a new exclusive DT monthly Vlog series documenting the life of 2 Penn graduates who are embarking on a music career, so that others can learn from their experiences.

UPenn musicians and Austin Texas
This month, in their 5th episode, Ben Naecker (C'09, Water Polo) and Blake West (W'09, Jazz Combos) talk about what happens when you find out your main source of income is leaving. As well as the trade-offs between doing music full-time, and having a "day job" so that you can focus on YOUR original music. They also do personal and band updates. Lastly... it looks like Ben might become a traitor to the anti-real job crusade!!!

Watch Episode 5: "Diversify Your Income"!

DT Catch Up:


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