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Saturday, January 19, 2008

From documentaries about oil spills to prison baseball teams, filmmaker Loren Mendell (C'95, Friars) has quite a variety of films under his belt.

This week, Loren not only debuts another documentary, but this one's featured on Tuesday & Wednesday at Slamdance!

Click here to check out what new documentary genre Loren has chosen!

Loren's latest film Adjust Your Color: The Truth of Petey Greene tells the unlikely story of America's first shock jock Petey Greene and features Howard Stern, Marion Barry, Sugar Ray Leonard and James Brown among others.

Per Loren, "America’s original shock-jock, Petey Greene, overcame poverty, drug addiction and prison-time to “tell it like it is,” shocking and entertaining everyone from the ghetto to the White House. During an era of civil unrest in our nation’s capital, Petey used taboo words and ideas, forcing people to confront their own prejudices on his raw, uncensored TV and radio shows. His explosive language and brash style unsettled the establishment as Petey battled both the system and his own demons on the journey to becoming a leading activist during some of our country’s most turbulent years. Don Cheadle, who portrayed Petey in the feature Talk To Me, narrates this documentary featuring a face-off between Petey and an up and coming deejay named Howard Stern."

"This documentary presents rarely seen footage of Petey Greene. It’s a must for anyone who wants to know what made Petey Greene such an incredibly charismatic person, or whomever wants to know where Howard Stern got his gusto from.”
- Sarah Diamond, Programmer

Slamdance Screening dates:
Tuesday January 22nd @ 3:30pm
Wednesday January 23rd @ 8:30pm

Click here to watch the trailer

Click here to visit the Slamdance website

Learn more about Loren's other documentaries!

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