Friday, June 10, 2011

Former latchkey kid Elizabeth Banks lends her support

Elizabeth Banks and UPenn and LA's BEST

In between shooting The Hunger Games, new mom and former latchkey kid herself, Liz Banks (C'96) speaks about her support for the LA's BEST After School Enrichment Program and spends time with the children at an LA's BEST site.


After the jump check out the video from her visit!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Denzel Washington's Commencement Speech: REMIX version! (must-see!)

UPenn and Denzel Washington and Commencement

If you missed the Denzel Washington commencement speech video I covered HERE a few weeks ago, there is now a new, very entertaining remix someone did of the speech.

After the jump, watch this brilliantly produced version!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Who knew? Trolley tracks under Locust Walk!

UPenn and Locust Walk and Trolley
Credit: ChristophrHiestr
As you know, there's always lots of construction going on at Penn.

Here's a real gem for you.

You've walked on it a million times and most probably even tripped on one of its crooked bricks, but did you know what Locust Walk was built on top of?

Recently, Locust Walk has been torn apart to reveal an old trolley tracks!

Who knew?!

Check out another picture of the torn up walk after the jump and learn more about the history of these Trolley tracks on campus!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Penn alumni of the 90s can't remember the answer to THIS question (videos)

UPenn and Alumni Weekend and Murphs and Skylab

Here's another DT "blast from the past" story you'll all enjoy.

Alumni from the 90s and earlier might remember Murphy's Tavern (aka "Murphs") on the corner of 44th and Spruce streets. You'll remember the pitcher of alcohol, the jukebox, the basement and of course the "see you in church" greeting you got from Murph himself when you left the place.
UPenn and Alumni Weekend and Murphs and Skylab
And for those of you not in the know, after many years of surprising liquor-law violations, Murphs shut down in 1998.

But that doesn't mean our memories of the place have gone.

Or does it?

Recently, Noah Sferra (C'96) our 2011 alumni weekend DT correspondent hit the class of 1996 tents to see if after 15 years since graduating, Penn alumni would remember "what was in a Murph's Skylab". Remember? That big pitcher full of alcoholic goodness you'd get for $5 - $10 that you'd split with your table.

After the jump find out the various and entertaining answers we got from alumni.  Some may surprise you!

Also of note in these videos was Noah's response to a fellow alum, "I woke up your son and spilled a whole beer in your purse."  Some things never change.