Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Penn alumni of the 90s can't remember the answer to THIS question (videos)

UPenn and Alumni Weekend and Murphs and Skylab

Here's another DT "blast from the past" story you'll all enjoy.

Alumni from the 90s and earlier might remember Murphy's Tavern (aka "Murphs") on the corner of 44th and Spruce streets. You'll remember the pitcher of alcohol, the jukebox, the basement and of course the "see you in church" greeting you got from Murph himself when you left the place.
UPenn and Alumni Weekend and Murphs and Skylab
And for those of you not in the know, after many years of surprising liquor-law violations, Murphs shut down in 1998.

But that doesn't mean our memories of the place have gone.

Or does it?

Recently, Noah Sferra (C'96) our 2011 alumni weekend DT correspondent hit the class of 1996 tents to see if after 15 years since graduating, Penn alumni would remember "what was in a Murph's Skylab". Remember? That big pitcher full of alcoholic goodness you'd get for $5 - $10 that you'd split with your table.

After the jump find out the various and entertaining answers we got from alumni.  Some may surprise you!

Also of note in these videos was Noah's response to a fellow alum, "I woke up your son and spilled a whole beer in your purse."  Some things never change.

The Set up: Alumni Weekend 2011 scene:

College Green

The Tents

The tents


The question: "What was in Murph's pitcher of 'Skylab'"?

The answers:

Featuring Todd Shotz
Classic answer here!

Featuring Norm Hetrick (C96), Lija Bentley Hogan (C'96) & Karen Murphy (C'96, Penn theater)
Norm's answer sounds about right.

Featuring Eric Conner (C'96), Lauren Zaslansky Conner (C'96) and son, Alex.

Featuring Chris Hampshire (C'96, Penn Six) and Karen Murphy (C'96, Penn theater)

Featuring Ned Silverman (C'96)

Featuring Shari Bart Gottlieb (C'96, Counterparts)
The most shocking answer of them all!

Featuring Casey Ryan (C'95)
Another shocking answer!

What do you remember being in a Skylab?  Comment below in the "Add a new comment" section!

Tons of pictures of who showed up at Alumni Weekend 2011 (all years) HERE



  1. I am not giving any "punch" lines (pun intended)  away by telling you we concluded we know it was a three liquor drink. So here is the best guess: Vodka, Jack Daniels, Everclear, Sloe Gin, Pineapple Juice & some kind of soda. Frankly it is amazing we all didn't go blind drinking the stuff.
    Best story of Skylab is the my freshman year next door neighbor (who shall remain nameless) came home from drinking Skylab all night with a stack of Penthouses under one arm and a copy of the yellow pages under the other.

  2. Lauren Zaslansky Conner C'96June 7, 2011 at 9:38 PM

    Finally, my subscription to Dueling Tampons paid off.  I realized thtat the beer in my purse was not my imagination!

  3. Look up Murphys Tavern Alumni on Face book. A bartender who made skylabs has revealed the secret

  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/107027295993644/