Monday, May 23, 2011

Dunzo: Penn alum chooses Neuroscience over Music

UPenn and Austin and Musicians
After 11 DT vlogs, the duo (Ben Naecker (C'09, Water Polo) and Blake West (W'09, Jazz Combos)) who moved to Austin to pursue music is about to split up.

Why? Because Ben is going to Stanford to pursue a career in Neuroscience.

In this Penn-ultimate episode (pun intended), after the jump find out some tips about:
  • how they got some new gigs
  • some great resources for e-mailing booking agents
  • and footage from the recent EP sessions.

In the video below, Ben and Blake's lesson is about "making moves".

On a related note, having personally lived in Los Angeles for 15 years now, and seeing countless people come in and out to pursue their creative dreams, I know there comes a time when we all must gravitate towards what our true passion is. It's a delicate balance of weighing passion with livelihood. Ben's decision is a similar example being lived out in Austin, another creative city. Many times people can wear many hats and perhaps Ben will be able to juggle this as well. :)

Tune in next month to the final episode of DT's "Real Jobs Are Not My Forte" where Ben and Blake recap their experience trying to pursue their passion and share with us some of their final recordings. Plus find out what Blake will be doing now that Ben is gone!

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By the way, this story is (currently) one of 74 DT stories of Penn alumni working together on projects post college!

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