Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Penn alumni on Hollywood Powerlists you should know about

UPenn and HollywoodAs you've seen on DT in the past, I like covering stories about how Penn and its alumni make it

on all sorts of great "lists".

Today I have 3 Penn alumni you should know about who have made it onto some great Hollywood Reporter ("THR") power lists.

Today one alum ranked as #33 today on "Reality Power List" and the other two (who I haven't covered on DT in the past) were on last year's "Next Generation Young Guns" list.

After the jump find out who these moguls are.

Mark Cronin and UPenn

Reality super producer Mark Cronin (ENG'86) and his producing partner Cris Abrego ranked #33 on the list. More HERE Meet Mark during alumni weekend next month:

Friday, May 13, 3-5 pm - "Getting Real: From Campus to Camera": Perspectives from alumni involved in reality television, including producers and contestants including TV producers Mark Cronin (ENG '86-"Flavor of Love"), Greg Goldman (C'96 - "Don't Forget the Lyrics"), and contestants Charlie Herschel (C'01 - "Survivor"), and Kristin Haskin Simms (C'93 - "Project Runway").  More HERE

Jesse Jacobs and UPenn
Penn alumni on Hollywood Reporter's 2010 "Next Gen" list include:
Jesse Jacobs (C'97) - President of Chernin Entertainment.

Find out about his path from Goldman Sachs to Hollywood HERE

Alex Goldstone and UPenn

Alex Goldstone (C'97) - Manager at Anonymous Content

Find out how he's following in the footsteps of his entertainment biz parents (Monty Python/Rocky Horror producing father and his mother who is a talent agent) HERE

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