Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Wharton alum drives Porsche in a commercial. Surprised?

UPenn and Wharton and Porsche

We've got another Penn alum to add to my growing Penn alumni on commercials list.

After the jump check out Juan E. Alva's (W'92, ENG'92, Wharton Undergrad Dean's Advisory Board) appearance in a Porsche commercial and find out why he was selected.

Per Juan,
Although I am not an actor, I filmed a commercial for Porsche's new ad campaign (titled "Porsche. Engineered for Magic. Everyday.") which began running on March 24th.  Porsche wanted to hire a real Porsche owner and I was lucky enough to be selected.  The ads have been featured on money.cnn.com and been run on various channels, everything from CNBC to CBS during the NCAA tournament.
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