Friday, May 13, 2011

20 ways you know you're a Penn student

In honor of this weekend's alumni weekend, I have a special treat for you.

Back in October, Clarissa Palmer (C'14), a new Penn freshman, wrote a great post about the DO's and DON'Ts of walking Locust Walk.

Now Clarissa came up with another great list I think all of us can appreciate about how you know you're a Penn student.

After the jump read her 20 points and see if you agree!

Photos: Credit - University Communications
You Know You’re A UPenn Student…

1. If these are the sequence of your night festivities…

Get Dressed
Go To Party And Drink Some More
Go to Wawa, Allegros, or McDonalds
Go to bed (yours or someone else’s)

2. If you carry around a half gallon bottle of ice tea to drink from throughout the day.

3. If you lose your PennCard at least 3 times per semester.

4. If partying nights start on Wednesday and ends on Monday. Yes, Tuesday night is when you rest.

5. If you’ve had a bed bug, cockroach, or mice problem in your room. Possibly all three.

6. If you’ve gotten lost on the SEPTA or L at least once.

7. If you get mad when someone asks you if you go to Penn State.

8. If it is normal to you to see squirrels doing some freaky shit.

9. If you’ve taken Math 104 or 103, a Writing Seminar and/or Econ 001 in your first two semesters at Penn.

10. If you submit writing seminar assignments between 11:56 and 11:59PM.

11. If you know what ABP stands for.

12. If you’ve tried to avoid walking up the foot bridge on Locust as much as possible.

13. If while giving directions you use the terms: ‘love statue’, ‘dueling tampons’, ‘the button’, ‘college green’, ‘ben franklin’; as distinguishable landmarks.

14. If you use the handicap button for the doors on the second floor of Williams instead of pushing the door.

15. If you’ve experienced the lights being turned on and off in Van Pelt, as the upstairs part begins to close. They expect you to be packing up your stuff, while it’s pitch black dark.

16. If you sleep through a recitation or show up for the last ten minutes of it.

17. If you think it’s fun to throw toast on the football field and that’s the only reason why you would be at Franklin Field.

18. If you disregard the multiple listservs, even if the content pertains to you. You rather ask someone questions in person or send them an email than reading a listserv.

19. When you ask the complete stranger sitting near you in Van Pelt to watch your stuff while you go to the bathroom or to the stacks so it doesn’t get stolen, even though that person may be the one to steal it.

20. If you can’t remember NSO and/or Spring Fling.

Boi, do I love it here

Roger Dat,


Do you agree with these? Any others our Penn undergrad contributor has forgotten? Comment in the "add new comment" box below the post on DT!

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