Monday, April 4, 2011

15 second clips: Penn's Singing Professor

UPenn and Kelly DiamondIn our ongoing "Kelly on Campus" series, campus correspondent Kelly Diamond (C'13) musters up some quick "15 second clips" of events and experiences around Penn's campus. 

Last we heard from Kelly, she reminded us all of an annoying Van Pelt practice every student who has gone to Penn in past few decades has gone through.

After the jump, find out how one Penn professor has given students an "entertaining" reason to attend class.

Per Kelly,
"A class about schemata and automorphisms and universe of discourse is boring, except when professor Scott Weinstein puts on a show for us. In an attempt to get my lecture pumped about logic, he broke out into a song and dance right in front of the chalkboard. There is not much to say about this video except that it speaks for itself. Oh, and that Scott Weinstein is one of my favorite professors."

If I'm hearing correctly, I think he's singing "I did some math and I liked it, now i'm not just a plaything"

What do you think he's saying here?

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