Friday, April 1, 2011

They could give American Idol contestants a run for their money

UPenn and Off the Beat

Since my days as a Penn undergrad, I've always been a fan of Off the Beat and the talent the group gets from year to year.

Recently the group came to LA during their spring break and put on a great show.

After the jump, listen to some really powerful voices from both their LA performance and from a preview spring show video promoting their Spring show this weekend.

In their spring show preview video below, listen to the power behind freshman Janelle McDermoth's (C'14) voice. (around 1:29).  Wow!

If you're on campus, you should check out their show:
Fri. 4/1 and Sat. 4/2 at 7 pm
Harrison Auditorium
Tickets $8 on the walk, $10 at the door

Here are the songs they'll be singing (preview the original songs below):

And listen to OTB mash up "When Love Takes Over" and "Firework" in this promo video below:

Finally, check out a snippet from their recent Los Angeles spring show performance of Katy Perry's "Firework" below.  Another great, powerful Off the Beat voice coming from Hannah Platt (C'12)

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Alumni Weekend

May 13-16, 2011
Available hotels here


May 16, 2011
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Nov. 5-6, 2011
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