Tuesday, November 2, 2010

700,000 Los Angelers will appreciate these 5 Lessons

UPenn and actor and Los Angeles and Hollywood and Alex Weber
After one year of vlogging for DT about his journey as an actor living in Los Angeles, Alex Weber (C'09, Lacrosse) is now able to share with us 5 important pillars any actor should take to heart before getting into the business.

Actually, most of them apply to any personal endeavor, really.

Find out what they are and why he quotes a country song after the jump!

UPenn and actor and Los Angeles and Hollywood and Alex WeberIt's been a good year for Alex.

He booked a commercial with some of his idols, won a meeting with a hollywood casting director and over the past month, he landed another commercial with Sprint, and will be acting in a film (similar to THIS film) that shoots in November.

So what lessons has Alex learned that will help you too?

As you'll see above some of these lessons include:
  • Networking (be a part of our Penn community HERE)
  • Do headshots right the first time (check out all our Penn alumni actor headshots HERE)
  • "Owning it" - find out what he means
  • ...And find out how he pulls out a lesson from THIS song
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