Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blast from the Past (1995): A Locust Walk Pig Roast, Spring Fling and the LIDDS (VIDEO)

UPenn and Locust Walk and Spring Fling and Lidds
Recently, musician Jay Matsueda (W'95) sent me a video of a bunch of random footage taken during various public entertainment events on and near PENN campus in the 1994/1995 timeframe.

The video includes:
  • music by The LIDDS, Jay Matsueda (W'95), Pete Lee (C'95) and a band at a block party
  • jeans wearing dancers at the Quad during Spring Fling
  • two random guys adlib singing, a pig roast on Locust Walk, some black-lit party footage, a big beige block party and much, much more. 
Check out the video after the jump!

This video was shot in the ANALOG age and at a time when not too many people had video cameras that they were toting around and shooting for fun.  PRICELESS stuff!!!

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