Saturday, July 30, 2011

Transformers meets David Beckham: Penn's Award Winning Technology

Transformers and Robots and UPenn and David Beckham

Those Penn engineers keep coming up with really cool, must-see technology.

So far, we've seen Penn robots that can fly, robots that throw out the first pitch at Phillies games and robot lamps that corresponds to your heart rate.

But how about award winning robots that can play soccer (and pick up and throw a soccer ball)?!

After the jump check out this awesome video showing why the Penn and Virginia Tech team placed first!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't watch the first 2 minutes (or minute 16:20) of this Penn alum's documentary

UPenn and body modification and tattoos

Actually, you've got to watch this documentary that Jaclyn Gurwin (C'11), a Penn undergrad created for her senior honors thesis called "I Am Not My Body".

You'll get sucked into this because the film is beyond seeing "distortions" (we're talking split tongues, nose jobs, tattoos, piercings, and some more graphic items you'll just have to watch to find out about.  And I'll be honest, the NSFW story told in the first 2 minutes is not for the faint of heart!)

Much of the gold about this 24 minute documentary has to do with the stories behind why people alter their body.  Reasons having to do with relationships and self-worth.

After the jump, watch the stories of 7 unique personalities unfold, plus commentary by a "body modification specialist", a tattoo artist and a plastic surgeon ....and in minute 10, listen to the "pretty intense" request a tattoo artist actually completed!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dr. Oz writes prescription for Law School to Penn alum

UPenn and Doctor Oz and Corey SingerAs you've seen on DT, I continue to focus on juicy alumni journeys in entertainment.  To recap, we've covered journeys in acting (from a guy's and girl's perspctive), music, TV and Film production and TV writing.  And we even have advice on how to use DT in your entertainment career search.

Today, I've got an interesting tale about a 2010 grad who got a good taste of working in one of my favorite daily television shows and is now changing careers and changing coasts for a career in law. All with the plan of hopefully returning to entertainment one day.

This is "entertainment"/"law" path is a common one that I've seen over the years , but wanted to highlight it as there will continue to be Penn graduates who will contemplate this decision.

After the jump, find out about Corey Singer (C'10, Penn Players (Chair ’09-’10), Penn Singers, Quadramics) and...
  • his path from Penn to working in an entertainment career
  • which NY based show he worked on (hint: see headline and picture above : ) ) and his unique(!) responsibilities on the show 
  • his career advice 
  • and where he sees himself in 10 years!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Starting a new web business? Listen to this Penn Alum's advice

Josh Kopelman and UPenn and customer acquisition

We know he gives great, "buffed up" holiday videos, but first Round Managing Partner Josh Kopelman (W'93, AEPi) also gives good advice.

After the jump, for all you entrepreneurs out there considering starting a web business, check out a recent interview Josh did where he talks about customer acquisition and being careful about having too much "free" and not enough "free-mium".