Monday, June 27, 2011

Hangover's Ed Helms to star in this Penn Oscar-nominated Writer's Film

UPenn and Rob Pearlstein and Warner Brothers and Ed Helms
After Rob Pearlstein (C'95, DP) and Loren Mendell's (C'95, Friars) short film was nominated for an Oscar in 2006, they went on to create a funny web series about a unique sort of adoption.

Rob had also gone on to create a short film dedicated to all the pregnant ladies out there, while Loren was focused more in the world of documentaries.

After the jump, find out about the pitch Warner Brothers just bought from Rob ...and what TV show Loren directed which airs tonight!

On Friday it was announced that Warner Brothers bought Rob's comedic drama pitch called True North as a starring vehicle for Ed Helms.

Per Deadline, it "centers on pompous travel-show host Brian North (Ed Helms), whose obsessive pursuit of fame and constant travel has alienated his wife and two kids. His plane crashes when on assignment in India, and he awakens from a coma two years later to discover everyone back in New York thinks he's dead, and he's had reconstructive surgery that has completely changed his appearance. He returns to Manhattan to win back his family by proving he's a changed man, but it won't be easy."

UPenn and Loren Mendell and Intervention
As for Loren, this year he's been directing the A&E show "Intervention" and his first episode premieres tonight (Monday 6/27) at 10pm (check local listings). The episode characters are "Sarah and Mikeal".  Watch a quick preview of his episode HERE

Congrats Rob and Loren!

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