Wednesday, May 4, 2011

ANOTHER Penn alum shows us her permanent Penn tattoo

As we know, Penn alumni really love the red and blue!

If you missed it, yesterday, Penn alum Peter Schankowitz (C'83, Mask and Wig) showed us his new split "P" Penn tattoo he just got in New Orleans.

After I posted that article, Jennifer Wieczoreck Dwyer (C'93) emailed me and revealed that she also has a tattoo of the Penn shield in the middle of her back!

After the jump, check it out and learn why she did it (interesting story here).

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UPenn and tattoo

Yes, this one is real and permanent as well.

Jenn told me that she got it last year and that her dedication to Penn dates back to when she was a kid:

"I grew up on Penn's campus; my mom was a senior staff member in the Biomedical Library for over 25 years--single parent, so I kind of grew up in the library stacks. Penn is such a huge part of my life, and I miss it, terribly, because I live in Seattle now... so I guess it was a nostalgia tat.

Btw, DT and all of your updates help keep me so connected, and I love that! [thank you Jenn!]"
Love the Penn pride!

Speaking of tattoos, remember THIS story about the coolest and yet, most frightening piece of technology coming out of Penn?!

More "interesting" items with Penn logos on them HERE

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