Friday, April 30, 2010

Elizabeth Banks Wants Her Male Co-Stars To Know She Does THIS Google Search (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Banks and UPenn and 40 Year Old Virgin and Spiderman
You've probably seen those do-it-yourself google story search videos you first saw on this year's Superbowl commercial.

Now people can create their own videos and Elizabeth Banks (C'96) released one.

After the jump, find out about the humorous google search Liz wants her male co-stars to be clear about...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Knew?: Another TV Personality Who Graduated from Penn

Dr. Oz and UPenn

Last week, I showed a video of Dr. Zach Lutsky (C'97) teaching Dr. Oz and us how to save a life.

After I did that post Kiera Reilly (C'93) emailed me to let me know that Dr. Oz is also a Penn alum.

Who knew!

The very ambitious Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz actually graduated from Penn Med (M'86) and Wharton Business School (WG'86)!

Learn more about Dr. Oz in an extensive article from the NY Time’s magazine supplement HERE (Penn referenced on page 3)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He Lands A Canon Camera Commercial (VIDEO)

Alex Weber and UPenn and Actor and Hollywood Last fall, we started our "An Actor's Path" vlog series with Penn alum Alex Weber (C'09, Lacrosse). Throughout this year we're tracking Alex's journey as a new actor here in Hollywood.

In my Alex's last post on DT, Alex starred in a commercial with some of his idols.

In this month's episode, Alex talks about a big budget commercial he was cast in, what important "actor" task he needs to finish very soon, his return to Penn, and how important networking is for an actor.

More after the jump...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forgive me, but what's so great about "Hey Day"? (VIDEOS)

UPenn traditions and Hey Day
During last Friday's "Hey Day", President Amy Gutmann pronounced the students of Class of 2011 "seniors". As you alumni see (and remember), much excitement and debauchery ensues during this ceremony.

I too remember feeling this way, but for some reason when I looked at this year's video above, I had a different perspective altogether...

Our Earth Day Contest Winners!

Hydros Water Bottle and UPenn and Wharton For our Earth Day contest last week, entrepreneurs Aakash Mathur (W'09) and Jay Parekh's (SEAS '09) donated 3 of their revolutionary new Hydros water bottles (retail value $29.99) to 3 creative DT readers who told us what they are doing and/or plan on doing to go green.

After the jump, find out who won and read their winning entries.

More about the Hydros Water bottle HERE

Monday, April 26, 2010

Their Tax Tips Will Save You Some Money (VIDEO)

Last August, we started a new exclusive DT monthly Vlog series documenting the life of 2 Penn graduates who are embarking on a music career, so that others can learn from their experiences.

Austin Musicians and UPenn and taxes

In their 7th episode, Ben Naecker (C'09, Water Polo) and Blake West (W'09, Jazz Combos) give fellow musicians must-know tax knowledge (you can now bank of next tax season) including tips that can ultimately save you money!

In addition, they also talk about the new singer they found for their band, the jobs they've been able to maintain this year, and the number 1 networking event they just attended.  

DT Catch Up: