Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes, A Penn Alum Wrote "Hot Tub Time Machine" and Another Penn Alum Helped Produce It (and it's awesome!)

Hot Tub Time Machine and UPenn and Josh Heald and John Cusack

Hot Tub Time Machine and UPenn and Josh Heald and John Cusack
Josh with John Cusack
You've been seeing the funny commercials for it on TV for months now and tomorrow, Hollywood screenwriter Josh Heald's (W'00, Editor-in-Chief 34th Street Magazine ('99), Penn Jazz) Hot Tub Time Machine hits theaters nationwide.

The film is about 4 friends who travel back to the 80s after they discover that their ski resort hot tub ends up being a time machine.

Sounds pretty brilliant to me! Can't wait to see it!

After the jump, learn more about:
  • how the movie got made
  • where Josh would be at Penn if he took the hot tub back to the year 2000
  • and what other Penn alum produced this film!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Penn Alum Interviews Tiger Woods: Exclusive Interview from ESPN SportsCenter (VIDEO)

Tom Rinaldi and UPenn and ESPN
Did you see the exclusive ESPN interview Tiger Woods did last week about his return to Golf?

Kiera Reilly (C'93) emailed me to let me know that the journalist interviewing him is Penn alum Tom Rinaldi (C'88).  I know the subject matter was delicate and you can hear that in the very careful tone of Tom's voice.

More about Tom Rinaldi HERE

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This Penn Alum Directed a Groundbreaking Episode of TV

Ugly Betty and Andy Wolk and UPenn

Did you see last week's episode of "Ugly Betty"?  If you didn't, it was packed full of Penn!

As I was watching the credits, I noted that not only was Penn alum actress Becki Newton (C'00) featured but also Penn alum Andy Wolk (C'70, DP, 34th Street) directed this episode!  ...Then just last night Debbie Frank (C'93) emailed in to let me know that actress Jill Abramovitz was featured in the episode as well.

I emailed Andy and he gave me some scoop from his time on the set...including the day the show got cancelled and the groundbreaking kissing scene...

More about Andy and some inside dish after the jump!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey Penn and Wharton Entrepreneurs: Audition to be on the next "The Apprentice"!

The Apprentice and Donald Trump and UPenn

Think you have what it takes to be on "The Apprentice"?

(Aspire to) Join Wharton alumni Donald Trump (W'68), Ivanka Trump (W'04), and Don Trump Jr. (W'00) for next season's "The Apprentice" as the show will be going back to its non-celebrity contestant origins and is now casting!

Perhaps these Penn alumni entrepreneurs have what it takes?

More on how you can apply after the jump!