Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Penn alum partners with David Arquette to "Rank the Stars"

I've covered Roy Bank (C'94) here in the past, and as head of Merv Griffin Entertainment, he's got a whole bag of tv goodies coming up.

More about his gameshow and reality show after the jump!

1) "Ranking the Stars" which takes celebrity panelists and "asks them to rank each other on a given topic, from "most likely" to least likely".  The show can be best described as “Hollywood Squares” and “Match Game,” but with the attitude of a celebrity roast."  Celebrities will play for charity while contestants will win prizes if they correctly predict how the panelists rank themselves.

Roy has partnered with David Arquette on developing this gameshow and will be pitching it to the networks soon.   Sounds like a great concept to me.  (source)

2) "The Headhuntress" (Working Title): which follows LA's #1 corporate recruiter, Wendy Doulton in the cutthroat world of headhunting. "With one of the sharpest tongues in the business, this project follows Wendy and her staff as they try to keep up with the constant demands of her corporate clients and the private individuals she makes over for the job market.  Survive a meeting with Wendy and you can survive an interview with just about anyone." (source)

The Headhuntress will be on Bravo's slate of of upcoming shows that I'm sure I'll be watching!

Will you watch Roy's shows?

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