Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Undergrads, you'll never get an offer to get better grades as good as thi$$$! You can bet on it!

UPenn and Ultrinsic
There's a site out there created by a Penn guy that is giving students direct cash incentives for improving their grades and general academic standing.

Hard to believe, I know. I wonder how much money the site will be dishing out to the extra motivated students at Penn?!

More about how you can get involved after the jump...

Ultrinsic Motivator and UPenn

Jeremy Gelbart (C'10, Hillel) has created a site called Ultrinsic Motivator which has already been working with students at Penn and NYU.  This Fall, their pilot program will be rolled out to an impressive 35 schools all around the country.

So how can you make money?

The site offers cash rewards/financial incentives to get the grades you set out to achieve in the beginning of the semester. They are also developing other grade and general applications that assist college students in not only transitioning to the college life but, also things that the student will be able to use to live a more efficient and convenient day-to-day life on campus.

How did Jeremy get this brilliant idea?

Per Jeremy,
"While hanging out together one Sunday afternoon, I mentioned to my friend Steven that I had an exam at Penn the following day and that if I were to study I was sure to get an A. But I was enjoying my Sunday afternoon, and I told Steven that I had no intention of studying. That's when, in order to provide me with motivation, we made the following agreement: If I got an A on the exam, he would give me $100, and if I didn't get an A, I would give him $20. Steven and I quickly realized that lots of other students might like this kind of motivation.  To that end, we began developing what is now Ultrinsic Motivator Inc."

Read more about Ultrinsic below from:
What are you waiting for Penn undergrads, sign up now and bet yourself that you'll get better grades!

Questions about how this works?  Visit Ultrinisic HERE or email Ultrinsic HERE

More Penn alumni entrepreneurs and their websites HERE


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