Tuesday, March 16, 2010

He's Giving Minor Characters from Epic Movies a (Musical) Voice (VIDEO)

UPenn and Tom DiMenna and Braveheart

Remember a few months ago when I posted a video about one Penn alum's musical interpretation of The Godfather?

Tom DiMenna (C' 02, Quarterback for Varsity Football Team, Music Reporter for XPN Radio) is at it again with another musical interpretation from another Hollywood classic...

His new short after the jump!

Check out Tom's Braveheart inspired short, 'For England', which imagines the tragic final day of England's High Counselor... Phillip.

Per Tom,

"Me and my friends, the Hawkins Brothers, have been working on a series of music videos we're calling "Fredos' All Star's" a series that stems from our original "Ode to Fredo" video parodying The Godfather. All of our videos strive to give a minor character from epic movies, like The Godfather, their fifteen minutes of fame, so to speak, a chance to really empathize with them more than the movie does.

We started out with The Godfather, but have since moved on to other epic films like Braveheart. We're now in the process of our next video for Last of the Mohicans, focusing on the character of the english soldier "Duncan" who dies a famously gruesome death at the stake near the end of the film."


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