Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Get This "Least Interesting Man in the World" To Be Your Designated Driver on St. Patrick's Day (VIDEO)

UPenn and Reg Tigerman

Reg Tigerman (C'07, Mask and Wig, pictured on right in photo above), the man behind one of the biggest viral sensations of last year, has a new, very funny video out about someone in your life you may just know.

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In his film "Dos De: the Least Interesting Man in the World", Reg shows us some funny characteristics from one not-so-intesting guy.  Per Reg, "Dos De may be the least interesting guy in the world, but at least you always know who's going to be the designated driver."  Plus the guy always has gum....

Check out Reg's film above! (my favorite scene is at 0:34!)

Plus, note that fellow Penn alum Dov Kogen (C'07) provided the music in this film.

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