Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of DT 2009: My Top 21 Posts

Before the ball drops tonight, I wanted to wrap up 2009 with what I am deeming my "2009 best of" list.   If I could say one thing about the type of posts I did about our alumni in 2009, I would say that self-expression was very prominent this year via the spoken word, the written word and viral video.

On that note, enjoy my top 21 posts (I just couldn't get it down to 20!):
21) "Slamming" Penn Undergrads on HBO's "Brave New Voices"

20) Penn Alumni Dish Advice in Cannes and What the Entertainment Industry is Looking for in Its Next Generation of Employees

19) If You're An Aspiring Musician, You'll Want to Follow DT's New Vlog Series!

18) Track This Actor's Los Angeles Path with Our New DT Vlog Series!

17) This Self-Admitted Scumbag is "The Kinda Guy You Meet at 4am" (VIDEO)

16) His Growing Empire Is All About Partying, Women and Remaining Uncommitted

15) Scott Baio Makes a Cameo in Their EXTREMELY NSFW Viral Video

14) Twitteleh: Twitter For Your Jewish Mother

13) Their "Love Notes" Film and Why I Couldn't Wait To Show You This

12) You're Never Going to Guess What Good Grades Earned You from Wharton in 1929!

11) This New Emmy-Award Winning Entrepreneur Knows How to Get To (and On) Sesame Street

10) His Inspiring Story: From Development Executive to Scribing "(500) Days of Summer"!

9) Star Trek Has Beamed Up Penn Alum Dave Baronoff to New Hollywood Heights

8) 6 Reasons Why ABC Is Really Loving On Penn Alumni

7) Hanging Out with Todd Lieberman at His Very Engaging Hollywood Premiere of The Proposal

6) Why You'll Love How This MBA Used Facebook In His Job Search

5) DT Gem: Mask and Wig on "The Ed Sullivan Show" (1958) (VIDEO)

4) The Mask and Wig Club Tradition Referenced in Warner Brothers Film and Why This May Be My Favorite Post So Far (VIDEOS)

3) DT EXCLUSIVE: Accepted or Rejected into UPenn? Her Intense Reaction (VIDEO)

2) DT Celebrates 1000 posts: My Video Tour Through Penn
And  my #1 post after the jump...

1) From Scooby Doo to Family Guy to South Park to the Simpsons, His 66 Impersonations are Spot On! (VIDEO)

Did you have a favorite post that I left out? Comment below!

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Happy New Year everyone!

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