Thursday, August 27, 2009

Places On Campus I'm Ashamed To Say I've Never Been (VIDEOS)

UPenn BioPond
More summer cleaning to do for my "Delicious Leftovers" week with the following 2 videos I've been hanging onto for quite some time now. (Thanks for hanging in there!  I've got lots of fresh new stories coming up starting tomorrow!)

Here is a short film of the Biopond at Penn.  In all my years during and after Penn, while I knew this existed, I honestly don't think I ever went to this place located behind the Quad(?).  If you're like me, enjoy the following video and get acquainted with what seems to be a very tranquil place:

And here's a 2008 Founder's Day Event showcasing the Phi Delta Theta chapter at Penn. I've passed this fraternity a million times with it's big St Bernard dog, but again, I don't think I ever actually went inside it.  (I think I was too entrenched in the AEPi, ZBT, SAM, and Mask and Wig circles.)   In the video below there are shots of Phi Delt's inside.

More fun Posts from around campus!:


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