Monday, April 20, 2009

Mask and Wig Closes Fling With Some Clever "D#ck" Jokes (VIDEO)

Another Fling, another year of cheers and hisses over some clever "dick" jokes from Mask and Wig.

Watch above to find out how the group incorporated Canada and other popular references into this year's (2009) Spring Fling "Nude Bit". (for those Friars and Sphinx members out there, stick around for the last joke!)

...If you watch the first exchange, you'll hear the following dialogue:
"Excuse Me Noah, I think you put that shoe on wrong"
Reply: "It's because I have a foot dick"
Can you come up with a better reply line?  
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Check out coverage from the 2007 and 1993 Mask and Wig "Nude Bit" HERE

Videos of Flings from past and present HERE (including a video from this year's Akon SPEC concert performance)

Thanks to John Berweiler (C'11) for the above video!


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