Monday, December 15, 2008

Her 12 Year Relationship Nap (VIDEO)

UPennWhile Fielding Edlow (C'95) is primarily a playwright, she recently collaborated on her first short The Long Nap (see above) with her director Adrian Fulle, in the writer's group, Safehouse, in Santa Monica.  The short is about "a woman who wakes up from a 12 year relationship nap."  Look out for Penn alum Jessie Schneiderman (C'05) performing in the film.

Tomorrow night (9/16) at 9pm, her short one-act, "Sex and Tinsel in Denver", will be included with four other writers tomorrow 12/16 at 9pm, in the off-Broadway Naked Angels Reading Series in NYC.
Tuesdays at Nine
National Comedy Theater
347 West 36th Street
between 8th and 9th Avenue
Hosted by T@9 NY's creative directors Stephanie Cannon and Joe Danisi.
Also, Fielding's full-length play, "Admissions" is being developed by Naked Angels in NYC as well. "Admissions" is about a family teetering on the brink when an inappropriate father and a self-obsessed mother accompany their disaffected daughter, sitting on the lid of Pandora's box, on a Vassar College campus tour.

Besides writing, Fielding also performs improv every Friday night at Ultimate Improv in Westwood at 9pm with her group, "The Board".  More at

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