Friday, December 12, 2008

Flash Mob Strikes Again: Silent Dance Party in the Library!

Back in September, I reported that there was a "flash mob" on Locust Walk which took the form of one huge Pillow fight. (check out the videos here)

...Then in November there was another flash mob where Freshmen froze on Locust walk for 5 minutes (check out the videos here)!

Now in the midst of studying for finals, this past week, there was another flash mob this time in the form of a "Silent Dance Party" at Fisher Fine Arts Library.  If you remember ever studying in Fisher Fine Arts, you'll remember that there is no talking allowed.  On that note, watch the video above...and see how the students maintain that rule while flash mobbing! It's very funny!

...On a side note, the interesting part of this video is that this is where I stood back in 1992 when I was busted in front of Tom Hanks when the film Philadelphia came to Penn. Read more about what happened that night here!

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