Wednesday, November 12, 2008

She Made Entertainment Weekly's 12 Future Stars of Comedy

Whitney CummingsAnother alum just made another Hollywood list.

Stand-Up Whitney Cummings (C'03) just made Entertainment Weekly's Top 12 future stars of comedy.

Per Entertainment Weekly,
"Why We Think She'll Be Big: Behind her model-like smile is a filthy, filthy mouth. The wickedly raunchy comedian — she wrote for the Bob Saget roast — finds time between incessant gigs for films (Made of Honor) and TV (MyNetworkTV's The Tony Rock Project).

Why She Thinks She'll Be Big: ''If I don't, I'm gonna make a sex tape with Aziz [Ansari]. There are no shortcuts, so I tend to be a workaholic. My hobby is my job. I'd be doing it for free. Which I think a lot of us do anyway.''"
Recently, I asked Whitney about which activities at Penn helped put her on the road to becoming a stand-up...

Per Whitney,
"I had a show on the Penn tv station that was a goofy cooking show with a friend of mine. I took Carolyn Marvin's class on the first amendment at Annenberg and it made me want to challenge taboos, and I tend to do that in my work as a stand up -we had a bunch of discussions and classes on Carlin's words you can never say on television-it got me really into carlin, even more so than i already was -that had a huge impact on me-and it made me want to push the envelope in whatever I ended up doing in my life. That class really made me interested in taboos and if you've seen my stand-up [see video above] you know I tend to explore and play with a lot of them. I tend to push the boundaries on network television and dive in to topics that society deems inappropriate - and whenever I deal with censorship it makes me think of that class I took at Penn.
Whitney Cummings
More on Whitney's website here

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