Thursday, October 23, 2008

Jordan's Jive: Jobless and Without a Girlfriend

Earlier this month, on campus recruiting was happening at Penn.  As you'll see in the vlog above and below, nothing seemed to come of it for this senior.  Was it the tough Financial market or his GPA? What's a college senior to do? Listen to Jordan's vlog to listen to his thoughts!

University of PennsylvaniaThis reminds me of when I was a senior and we had the old fashioned "drop" boxes where you went to Career Services and literally dropped your resume in the appropriate wooden box slots.  I believe these days everything is electronic.

...Anyway, back in the day, I think I got one interview with some marketing company and tried to convince them why I'd be good for the company.  At the time I remember I wasn't even convincing myself as my real plan at the time was to move out to Los Angeles and try the whole entertainment (acting/writing) path. Read my advice and others' advice about pursuing a career in writing.

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