Thursday, February 7, 2008

Now and Then Thursdays: Competition in the Library

Over the decades there’s always been competition in the Penn libraries. It is true now as it was back in my day.

As we saw in one of my previous posts, Ben Grinberg (C’11) shows us that there are all sorts of characters one can find in Penn libraries. Specifically, he noted the “Library Ostrich” and how this character is “territorial and easy to anger” and “it would be a bad idea to cross her.”

Well in my “Now and Then Thursdays” series this week, I want to show you a class project video I did back in 1996 for Paul Buck’s class featuring one of these “Library Ostriches” and the comedic consequences of when she is crossed.

Featuring Jared Miller (C’97) and Julia Oh (C’98)

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  1. Brilliant filmmaking...masterful acting. I love the new sound effects. An oldie but a goodie...before cell phones, websites and email...and apparently color film. I miss that 5x5x5 cutting room. Thanks Matty.

    Scott Grupp C'97