Monday, December 24, 2007

Penn alumni make millions on holiday song

What better way to celebrate Christmas day than to give you some Penn alumni Christmas related entertainment news?

While Ray Evans (W'36, Mask and Wig) and his songwriting partner Jay Livingston (C'37) wrote over 400 songs for Broadway musicals, TV and films (including the Mr. Ed theme song), they were probably best known for writing "Silver Bells".

Who knew that this classic was written by 2 Penn alumni?! ..Now you do.

Click here to read about how much money "Silver Bells" has brought them annually, and how long they'll be collecting royalties!
All I'll say is ca-ching!

Click here to watch a special performance of "Silver Bells" (with Penn composer Ray Evans on stage)

Click here to watch a Ray Evans interview where he talks about writing "Mr Ed"

Happy Holidays everyone!
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