Monday, January 1, 2007

Submitting a Story to Dueling Tampons: What you need to know...

Hi Penn undergrads and alumni,

1) If you want to quickly contact me, use this form:

"Like" our DT Facebook Fan page!

2) If you want me to consider doing a feature on you, please email the following information to me at:

*Please note that due to a large number of submissions it may be several weeks before your story is published. If you don't see your story within 3-4 weeks, feel free to email me to follow-up.  If your story is smaller in nature, feel free to post it on the message boards here:

1) Your name, class year and activities you were involved in at Penn

2) What news you would like me to consider

3) A blurb about how you got your start doing what you're currently doing.

4) (If relevant) Please upload a video clip to my site by visiting:

5) What other Penn undergrads or alumni are involved in the news/video you just submitted? Please let me know their
  • -names
  • -school and
  • -class year (i.e. "C'07, W'07, Eng'07).

6) Submit a picture you would like me to consider 
  • as it relates to your story
  • of yourself to use in my post

7) Additional media requested:

  • a) Any relevant weblinks related to your news

  • d) If you're submitting a story for my "Music Monday" series, please also email

    an mp3 of the song you want me to feature (and the story behind the lyrics of the song)
  • e) If you're submitting a story for my "Website Wednesday" series, please also send:

- a screengrab of the site
-links to 3 articles you would like to highlight
-a blurb about the site

  • f) If you're an author please email me a couple of pages (in pdf format) from your book AND an image of the cover of your book.  Also, it would be helpful if you could mail me a copy of your book (please email me so I can supply my address) or send me a link to download the digital copy of the book on itunes.      
....AND please post your advice on being:
  • ----a novelist HERE:
1) Your credits
2) How did you get your start?
3) What's your path to getting published?
--a) What classes should you take?
--b) What books should an aspiring author read?
--c) How do you get an agent?
--d) How do you get a publisher?
--e) Writing programs to use?
4) Events for networking
6) Groups to join?
7)Which Penn alumni in the business has/have hleped you out?
8) Any other advice?
  • ----a screenwriter HERE:
1) Your credits?
2) What classes should you take?
3) Writing programs to use?
4) Registering your work
5) Events to go to network
6) Groups to join?
7) Best place in LA to write?
8) Which Penn alumni in the business has/have helped you out?
9) Any other advice?
  • ---an actor
1) Upload your headshot HERE (recommended size: 500x500, no more than 5 MB)
2) Upload your actor reel HERE

8) If you are pitching a product to me, would you consider donating some product for a DT contest? (like you see here: 

9) If you are a creative type, go ahead and pitch me a title for the post.  (Think about what will get users clicking to read more. ) The more creative, the better!

10) May Penn undergrads and alumni contact you for career advice? If so, what is the best email address for them to get in touch with you?

11) Are there any other alumni working in entertainment who you know who you think I should get in touch with to turn them onto the site?

12) Please add me as a friend:
13) Do you still have your Penn card when you were a student?  Are you able to scan your card and email it to me (  I'm hoping to collect at least one Penn card from each class year for a big showcase of the changing styles of the Penn card.

14) Finally, if you are would like to continue to promote your event, product or news on DT, please consider taking out a banner ad to be featured at the top of the DT site.  More information HERE.

*Please subscribe to the DT newsletter HERE or join the Facebook group HERE so you can look out for when the article on you will be published.



  1. What happened to the LA penn alumni office was it closed??

  2. It has moved:

    University of Pennsylvania - Western Regional Office
    12300 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 415
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Main office phone: (310) 571-1776