Monday, August 26, 2013

Penn alumni of the 90s finally get an answer to THIS question

UPenn and MurphsA couple of years ago we went around an asked alumni from the 90s what they thought was in a Skylab from Murphy's Tavern ("Murph's").

While we got many funny responses on video, I just got a response from Jim Cleary, a member of the Murphy's Tavern Alumni facebook group telling me that a bartender who made Skylabs has now revealed the secret.

After the jump, get the answer!

Per Jim Bean, here is the answer!:
"A generous helping of: vodka, southern comfort, tequila, and jack daniels. Then add some pineapple juice and cranberry juice - and a touch of grenadine (bartender's secret....when ever we ran out of something it was pot luck - as long as it looked red)"
Out of all the video responses we got, it seemed like our interviewer Noah Sferra (C'96) remembered the most!


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