Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elizabeth Banks has Heart Attack for a Cause

UPenn and Elizabeth Banks starring in 'Just a Little Heart Attack'

Emmy-nominated Liz Banks (C'96, Tri-Delt) is more than just a pretty face and talented actress.

Over the years we've seen her giving back by standing up to cancer and lending her support to latchkey kids.

Now Liz has teamed up with the American Heart Association for the "Go Red for Women" campaign and stars and directed a PSA about knowing the signs of when you're having a heart attack.

After the jump, watch how Liz adds the funny to this serious issue (my favorite line is at minute 2:26) and learn why it's such a personal issue for her.

In the video below, Liz plays a stressed out mom who takes care of everyone except herself.  Liz shares that heart wellness is personal for Liz as her mom, dad and sisters all suffer from arrhythmia.

And check out some behind the scenes footage here:


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