Friday, May 27, 2011

SNL Penn alum asked Lorne Michaels...what?

Vanessa Bayer and UPenn and Saturday Night LiveLast week, SNL (and Penn alum) Vanessa Bayer (C'04) was the commencement speaker at Annenberg's undergraduate graduation ceremony.

After the jump, watch the speech, find out about Vanessa's path from Penn to SNL, which group at Penn passed on the "Bayer magic", and why she didn't really want to get a role in a Planters Peanut commercial she was called in for!

In the video above, Vanessa delivers a humorous speech and recounts:
  • her time at Penn referencing the machine that made THESE, how freshmen performing arts night changed her life, which groups she tried out for and got rejected from, and which NSFW improv bit got her into Bloomers
  • the major she dropped from and the one she drew inspiration from
  • her college internships at Sesame Street and Conan O'Brien
  • her path from Penn to Chicago and how she immersed herself in the comedy community there
  • the showcase that got her an audition with SNL and which character she brought into that audition
  • her one-on-one meeting with Lorne Michaels and the question she asked him! (minute 7:20)
  • how long it took for her to find out she was hired by SNL
  • what her first day of work on SNL was like


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