Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Penn alum's fantastically strange fetish for Telly Savalas

UPenn and Telly Savalas and Tom DiMenna

We first met Tom DiMenna (C'02) for this Valentine's Day love week where he sang "the red and blue" as Telly Savalas to all my DT readers.

Tom has continued milking his Telly character with a new "Telly Tips" episode he recently posted, as well as another Telly video which just landed him on the "Funny or Die" homepage yesterday.

After the jump, get sucked into the 1970s and check out how great Tom's got this character down!

In the clip below, Tom gets into character as he assumes the 1970's film and television icon, Telly Savalas (Kojak).  In the clip, Telly returns from the grave to give the cynical hipsters of today a swift kick in the pants. With lollipop in mouth, its up to the "Golden Greek" to turn these disenfranchised kiddies into real men.

And the clip that made it to "Funny or Die's" homepage:

Reunion Time this weekend!:
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