Monday, May 2, 2011

Flash mobbed: A pig dances in Rosengarten

UPenn and Flash Mob and Rosengarten Library

Over the years, Penn students have been pulling off some pretty creative flash mobs around campus from giant pillow fight on Locust Walk, to freshmen freezing on Locust walk for 5 minutes to the (original) silent dance party in the library.

Last night, in the middle of finals studying, the flashmobbers struck again with what was supposed to be another silent dance party!

After the jump check out the Rosenparty.

Sped up!

So last night's no-so-silent dance party in Rosengarten came on the heels of Obama's monumental announcement.  No wonder they couldn't keep quiet.

Here were the instructions per a facebook invite for last night:
"Who says Rosenparty is a misnomer? End those unproductive reading days with a 5-minute silent dance party.

Here's how it works:

1) Grab an iPod / mp3 player / cassette player and headphones. Or dance to the beat of your mind's drum.

2) Arrive at Rosengarten a few minutes before 11pm and blend in. You're probably an expert at appearing productive.

3) Hit "play" at 11pm. From 11pm-11:05pm, rock out SILENTLY. <--SUPER IMPORTANT so that we don't get kicked out!
4) Ace all of your finals."
Thank you to Heather Meads (W'11) for the first video above, and Mark Pan (C'11) for the second video above!

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