Monday, January 17, 2011

Mazel Tov: SNL's Vanessa Bayer makes a good Bar Mitzvah boy (VIDEO)

If you saw this weekend's SNL, you would have seen Vanessa Bayer (C'04, Bloomers) playing a very convincing Bar Mitzvah boy whose Hollywood music exec "big shot" uncle brings in performances by Taylor Swift (played by Gwyneth Paltrow), Jay-Z (Jay Pharoah), Alicia Keys (Nasim Pedrad), Katy Perry (Abby Elliott), and Cee Lo Green (himself).

After the jump, watch SNL jew-ify popular songs and check out some of my favorite lines!

Some great lines:
  • Vanessa: "I just wanted a modest luncheon"
"She's in synagogue with her new clear braces on / I'm sittin' shiva with no mirrors to put makeup on / She doesn't get your Mel Brooks humor like I do / She wears Macy's, I wear Loehmann's. She wears Filene's and I wear Filene's Basement / Can't you see? She's just a JAP.  Not like Japanese."
  • Katy Perry "Hi everybody, Happy Jewish"
  • Cee Lo Green: "That's straight up meshuganeh"
More of Vanessa's memorable SNL skits HERE

Speaking of Katy Perry, remember THIS Penn alum itunes chart-topping cover?


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