Friday, July 23, 2010

How Saving Her Childhood Book Reports Helped THIS Film Producer Get a Movie Greenlit

Alison Greenspan and UPenn and Ramona and Beezus
Today, film producer Alison Greenspan (C'94, Bloomers) debuts her film Ramona and Beezus to the world.

And it's quite a story on how Alison was able to convince the 94 year old popular childhood author Beverly Cleary to approve.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

50 JDates and This Penn Alum is on #11

Meredith Fineman and UPenn and Fifty First JdatesAre you an avid J-Dater?

If so, you'll relate to Meredith Fineman (C'09, SDT, Penn Democrats) who started a humorous JDating blog called Fifty First (J)Dates. On the site, Meredith writes about both her awkward first encounters with men she's met on the site (she's at #11 and counting) as well as adds funny advice and musings about the process in general.

Per Meredith,
"I spent the past year living and working for Young & Rubicam in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When I moved home to DC I wanted to meet new people so I joined JDate. Then the stories/anecdotes were so hilarious I couldn't help but write about it."
Some of Meredith's fun posts:

Fifty First (J)Dates is also featured on Huffington Post, Jewcy, and Jewlicious, as well as other blogs. Email Meredith with your stories at

Meredith Fineman and UPenn and JDate
Check out her site HERE and follow her on Twitter HERE

More Penn bloggers HERE

...This reminds me of another (Jewish) Penn alum who did something like this back in 1998, but it was in the format of a film called 20 Dates: A documentary type film about the dates Myles Berkowitz (C'81, W'82) had gone on as he tried to find out how to find love in Los Angeles.

...Speaking of love, have you checked out my DT Love series HERE?

And just for fun:
10 totally new ways to kiss your date
5 signs you've met your perfect match


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Penn Alumni Chase Mummies For a New TV series

Chasing Mummies and David Price and UPenn
David Price (C'03) on location in Egypt
A Penn alum TV producer and Penn alum archeologist with quite a personality join forces for a new show you'll want to check out...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Elizabeth Banks to TINKer with Iconic Film Role

Elizabeth Banks and Tinkerbell and UPenn

Elizabeth Banks and Tinkerbell and UPenn

It is apparent that her roles have been quite diverse, but it looks like Liz Banks (C'96) may be taking on her biggest role yet: Tinkerbell.

It has been recently announced that Liz has partnered with her husband Max Handelman (C'95, AEPi) in producing the Disney live action film, Tink, which will follow the mischievous side of Tinkerbell. (Source)

Liz looks like a dead ringer for Tinkerbell, no?


Monday, July 19, 2010

Nicolas Cage Talks About Swimming with (Real) Sharks and THIS Penn Alum Film Producer (VIDEO)

Nicolas Cage and Craig Ferguson and Norm Golightly and UPenn
Last week, Nicolas Cage was interviewed on Craig Ferguson promoting his film, Sorcerer's Apprentice.

During his interview, Nic talks about his experience great white shark diving with the film's (Penn alum) executive producer.

After the jump, find out who Nic was talking about ...and other Penn alumni who have been affiliated wtih Craig Ferguson.