Thursday, August 26, 2010

Will this Penn Mom Gain or Lose Weight with her "You Are What Your Kids Eat" Experiment?

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Emily Rosenbaum (C'95, Grad Ed '96) is a supermom of 3 kids and a popular blogger with a very interesting experiment.

Over the next 2 months, she will not be serving herself an actual meal, but will just be eating whatever her 3 kids leave behind on their plates.

More about her experiment after the jump!

Per Emily,
"Time and again I hear it – moms lamenting that they keep gaining weight because they finish their kids’ food. After all, chicken nuggets are fattening, even if you only eat two of them.

You know the scene, right? You eat your dinner, then you reach over and scrape the rest of your four year old’s food onto your plate. No sense wasting perfectly good macaroni and cheese.

Yeah, that would be me. About five times a day. Which might explain why I can’t lose the last seven pounds of baby weight, even though I run four times a week and the baby in question is almost two. We’re pretty clean eaters around here – mostly fresh, unprocessed foods. So, my problem isn’t that I’m gorging on Goldfish and neon-green yogurt. I’m overeating on home-baked, whole wheat, peach-carrot muffins.

So, here’s the experiment. For the next two months, I am not going to serve myself a portion. Ever. No morning oatmeal, no sandwich at lunch, no lasagna at dinner. I’ll just wait and eat whatever my kids leave behind."
Will Emily gain or lose weight?  What do you think?

Per Emily, "I lost between 8 and 10 pounds, but I gained it all right back :)"

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