Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I LOVE this new Gabriel Mann song and you will too...(VIDEO)

Video credit: Dave DeSantos (The Rescues @ Culture Works in Ashland, OR)

Gabriel Mann and The Rescues and UPennA new Gabriel Mann (C'95, Off the Beat) song is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine...

In the above video, Gabe and his band "The Rescues" perform their new song "You're Not Listening". Listen for Gabe starting at minute 1:03 with some awesome(!) solos.

Sounds like another potential "Grey's Anatomy" song for them...

Per Gabe,
"we're on the road currently, winding up in l.a. for the cd release show this friday night (6/25) at the troubadour. "break me out" is the itunes single of the week (get your free download here), and starting today the album is exclusively available on itunes for 2 weeks, physical copies 2 weeks later and everywhere else digitally as well." 
upenn and gabriel mann and the rescues

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