Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Husband-Wife Producing Team Talk Movies: She's With Leno, He With Penn (PHOTOS + VIDEOS)

UPenn Alumni and Producers Todd Lieberman and Max Handelman
(l ot r): Max Handelman and Todd Lieberman

While producers Todd Lieberman (C'95, Mask and Wig, AEPi) and Max Handelman (C'95, AEPi) were at Penn this weekend talking about producing, Max's wife Elizabeth Banks (C'96) was also talking films, but with Jay Leno...

On Saturday Todd and Max came to Penn and talked to undergrads and alumni about
  • producing Surrogates 
  • their process from idea to end result 
  • answered questions about how they got into producing
  • the film scene today versus a few years ago
  • how a young writer or director can get into the business and more.

If anyone has video from the event please email me via merosler at gmail.com!

Meanwhile, on Friday night, Max's stunning and newly brunetted wife Liz was on with Leno talking all about:
  • her next film with Russell Crowe
  • what she did when she broke a gift Russell Crowe got her
  • the accident that happened on the set
  • an imitation she does of her father and uncle

More Photos from Homecoming 2009 with Todd Lieberman and Max Handelman HERE
(thanks to Kendall Whitehouse (C’79)!)


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