Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zac Efron Wishes He Could Be in This Wharton Musical (VIDEO)

While I don't remember this concept existing on campus while I was making my decision as to which college I would be going to, last Friday, Penn hosted Penn Previews for the newly accepted, though not yet matriculated Class of 2013. It's an opportunity for students to visit the campus, get presentations from their respective schools, and go on campus tours.

In other words, it's Penn's hard sell.

Over the past 2 years the Wharton admissions committee wanted their presentation to be more fun so they had Brian Tran (W'10) produce some creative short films. The theme for this year was "A Day in the Life" so Brian created an exaggerated Disney-ish "first day of class" musical.

WhartonSome of my favorite highlights of this year's video (above) include:
  • choreography in Wharton and Locust Walk that you just won’t want to miss
  • a girl’s hair being let down followed by a "hair toss" in Wharton before the big musical number
  • harmony-filled interludes
  • the "blackberry girls" (you'll just have to watch to find out about these girls!)
Directed by Brian Tran (W'10, Penn Singers)
Music and Lyrics by Kevin McAleer (C'10)
Choreography by Jonathan Rivera (C'10, Penn Singers)
Artistic Design by Veronica Decker (C'11)

Learn more about what happened during Penn Previews from the DP here

More exciting videos that will get prospects, undergrads and alumni all riled up for Penn


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  1. I went with my son to Penn Preview Days yesterday. I never experienced anything like it when I was accepted!!