Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why She Tried Out For The Amazing Race and More!

The Amazing Race

Recently, I chatted a bit with Amazing Race contestant (still in the game!), Sarah Leshner (C'98, W'01) after my post about her HERE.

...On why and how she tried out for The Amazing Race:
"A friend suggested to me that I apply for the Amazing Race given that I love to travel, am spontaneous, pretty fearless... so my boyfriend and I looked up online how to apply, but NEVER thought we'd be selected! We mailed a video into a PO Box in Los Angeles, and I figured that's just not the way teams are actually chosen. 2 months later, we got a call that our tape had "caught their eye" and it was a whirlwind after that. 2 months of phone interviews, a second video, and a week-long stay in LA doing interviews and tests secured our spot among the 11 teams :)"
...On what it's like being recognized:
"Getting recognized has been fun... a girl came up to me in the bar on Saturday and just said "OMG, are you Sarah?" Hilarious :)"

Check out the drama Sarah and Terrence got into from 2 weeks ago: "After finally getting in their taxi, Terence and Sarah can't believe how much time they lost"

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