Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuesday Tips: Advice for the actor who wants to move out to LA

Penn actors Roy Vongtama (C'96), Lesley Wolff (C'93) and Alex Petrovitch (C'01)

UPennIn this week's Tuesday Tips series, I have enlisted the help of my Penn alumni actor friends out here in Los Angeles to offer advice to the Penn undergrad or alum who has decided to move out to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career.

Between the three of them, Roy Vongtama (C'96), Lesley Wolff (C'93), and Alex Petrovich (C'01) have done TV, Film and stagework and have offered up some great advice to all of you including answers to the following questions:

Who are the best acting coaches?
Who are some good photographers to take my headshots?

Where should I get my headshots done?

Click here to find out what our alumni panel has to say and/or add your own advice!

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