Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Week: A Sweet Proposal

And what would a "Love Week" be on without a marriage proposal?

Ross Levitt (C'97) recently proposed to his girlfriend Tracy Mitnick (C'03) and got the story covered on CNN!

Per Ross,
"My fiance Tracy is a big fan of cupcakes, so I proposed using a cupcake from the famous Magnolia bakery. I had M&Ms made that say, "will you marry me" on them. We talked about marriage a lot, so Tracy didn't know I was serious until I pulled out the ring. Then she slid off the couch and was literally floored! ...I'm a business producer at CNN. I sent pictures from the engagement to the producers in Atlanta. They surprised me by announcing the engagement on the air. I was beet red!"

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And so ends the 2008 "Love Week" series. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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