Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top 4 Penn videos that will give you the chills: #3

Yesterday's #4 pick for my "Penn videos that will give you the chills" demonstrated a nice combination of stylized photography, use of music and special effects.

As heartfelt as that video was, today's #3 pick is even more moving.

Click here for my #3 pick!

Remember that great music video featuring Nikhil Dhingra (C'10) that I posted about back in November?

Well, filmmaker Kevin McMullin (C'10) just debuted another beautiful video called "The Boy and the Star" that combines a unique style of photography, animation and music which will give you the chills.

Per Kevin,
"I've always wanted to do a black and white fairy tale-- about a week before starting my sophomore year at penn i got back from studying up in boston (where I came up with the idea), and i filmed it with a buddy of mine who goes to Villanova in a couple hours in my foyer. The way the sunlight hits my house, we only have about 2 hours of usable light since our makeshift green screen, a large green bed sheet, is so thin and therefore extremely delicate in terms of how it appears on camera in certain lights. Anyway, I had a draft done by October and just now put it online. The story is a parable about forgiveness. I loved the idea of using a child's narration with what looks like a child's animation because it provides the film with a certain innocence that is necessary in a fairy tale, especially one that deals with the subject of death. I edited the film in Final Cut Pro (green screen keying and animation sequencing), using still animations I drew in Adobe Photoshop. I filmed the project on a Canon GL2."

Check out Kevin's moving video, "The Boy and the Star"

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