Thursday, December 13, 2007

Will this fresman finish with a Grammy before a degree?

If Andrew Dudum (W'11) were to try out for any of Penn's a capella groups, odds are he would have surely made it.

Instead this talented undergrad is continuing on a solo track he started before he even got to Penn.

Per the DP, a few weeks ago Andrew was selected to headline the Rock the Mic for Darfur concert which helped raise funds for the Darfur Alert Coalition. Besides that, he's on an independent record label and already has a CD released.

This guy definitely has the chops and has a good tone to his voice. He's one to look out for...

Click below to watch Andrew's performances:
"Don't Wanna Fight"(live in Philadelphia)
"Church Boy"(live in Philadelphia)
"Freedom"(live in Philadelphia)
"Apologize" cover(live in Philadelphia)
"Fly with Me"(live in San Francisco)

This talented musician is also accomplished in another area which landed him at Carnegie Hall! Click here to find out!

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