Thursday, December 20, 2007

TV Alert (Thursday/tonight! 8 pm): Penn on "Clash of the Choirs"

Did you know that Penn's Abramson Cancer Center has been part of this week's NBC reality show "Clash of the Choirs"?

Per the Abramson Cancer Center site, "Philadelphia fixture and favorite Patti LaBelle is leading the Philly choir. Ms. LaBelle has been deeply affected by breast cancer in her family, and one of her long-time friends was also a patient at the Abramson Cancer Center . If Ms. LaBelle and her Philly Choir win the competition, she has chosen the Abramson Cancer Center and our With Our Voices program to receive the prize money.

Unfortunately, because I got this notice too late (and I decided to take a break from TV this week..sorry!), voting is now over and tonight is the finale. Let's all cheer for Patti's team!

Click here to watch Patti LaBelle with her Philly choir

Click here to learn more about Penn's Abramson Cancer Center and their invovlement in the show

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