Thursday, December 6, 2007

Top 5 "Penn" Facebook Widgets: #2

So far, my 3 "Penn" related facebook widget picks (what is a widget?) have centered around Penn basketball, phone books, ticketing and now today, it's all about video.

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#2) "myTV" Widget
Penn Entrepreneurs Nat Turner (W'08), Zach Weinberg (C'08), Scott Becker (C'09) and Michael Provenzano ('08) have built a slick application called "myTV" for Facebook which allows users to search YouTube and save videos to a personal playlist.

The talented founders of Invite Media, Inc. have recently launched their tech start-up which focuses on online video optimization and monetization. Backed by two Wharton statisticians, the myTV application is a launching point for the creation of a video discovery and recommendation engine based on behavioral targeting.

Stay tuned because Invite Media also struck a deal with a major video publisher that will enable them to largely distribute their content recommendation engine to over 40 million users. With personal recommendations already available for the music realm thanks to discovery services like Pandora Radio, the inclusion of video content into the discovery engine will greatly expand the online video industry and possibly lead to better ad monetization.

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