Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Off the Beat rocks "Snakes on a Plane"

I just discovered this video from a past Off the Beat performance

Check out Off the Beat's great rendition of "Snakes on a Plane" and the excellent solos from Will Green (C'09), Rina Goncalves (C'07) and Jonah Platt (C'08). Some great voices here...

Click here to watch them perform

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  1. The Penn Glee Club performed this song in its 2007 spring show, "Glee's Anatomy." Not only were the singers substantially better in that version, but it also featured brilliant snake-like choreography (not the ol' a-cappella-knee-bend-and-bob), a full band (including non-vocal percussion) and an original mambo bridge, in which the singers danced the mambo. It's a shame that Off The Beat has cast aside the old statute of limitations on performing identical songs -- a rule the Glee Club has taken pains to observe for so many years. In this case, it might have saved them the embarrassment of a sub-par arrangement.

  2. OTB did this in their Fall 06 show, so Glee Club was behind the curve on that one. And since when does a bunch of guys dancing the mamba with a full band constitute a good a cappella arrangement of a rock song?

    And while we're talking about arrangements, how many Best Arrangement CARA's has the Glee Club won? Oh wait, they've never even been nominated? Hmmm...

  3. Zing! Haha! Sorry. From the sound of these singers and soloists, I assumed OTB had just started learning the music.

    The Glee Club is not an a cappella group (though it does sing many songs without instruments), so the group doesn't participate in CARA's arbitrary back-patting.

    But congratulations to OTB on picking the optimal moment in a popular song to say "jen-jenna-jen." How many MIDI files had to live and die to get that one right?

    Anyway, I'm sullying the PGC's good name with all of this garbage. This thread is dead.